For the Trek
  Important Things to Know: Info, Preparation, Logistics
Our Summit Journey
Why we do this thing (and why you should come)

The Summit is about how we work together.

Get to the table.
Bring a partner.
Stay there.
Summit 2018

A New Tradition of Engagement
In 2018 MACC redesigned our traditional annual meeting to be a space for members to connect, to do work together, and to direct the energy and focus of their network. Check out the work we did last year.

New Collaborative Strategies
Two exciting ideas emerged from our 2018 Summit. Post-Summit members have been exploring what it could look like to work together with
 Health Care as partners in addressing health related social needs and with County funders to rebuild contracting relationships that work for everyone. 
Summit 2019

We're learning as we go. After last year's Summit there were some things we knew we wanted to change up for this year. 

The "How" of Collaboration
Last year the imperative was clear: collaboration is critical for all of us in our work. This year we wanted training to give ourselves the tools to do it well.

Stronger Connections
The web of human connections we create is the safety net we can extend to each other when things get hard. We've carved out time to strengthen the human infrastructure of our network. 

Expanding How We Work Together
We want to expand the definition of what collaboration can look like. Our trainer will give us a shared language to explore new, different kinds of collaborative projects.
Before the Trek
Getting ready for the journey together
1. Register!

If you haven't yet - make sure you get registered. If you're already registered: invite a friend! (Also - see who will be at the Summit with you)
Click Here.

2. Share about you

We asked what you wanted to know about each other. Now we want your answers. It's a short survey. 10 minutes or less. We'll reveal what you all had to say at the Summit!
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Members did a lot of work together last year. Their work might spark some ideas of your own! Each year we'll carry forward what we learned from the last. Click Here.

Quiz yourself

Just for fun - test out your network smarts. See how much you know about your MACC network. (And see how you stack up against your fellow network members!) Click Here
When, where, and how to get there.

Tuesday, March 26th 2019
Registration opens at 7:45 AM, Programming from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Anderson Center, Hamline University
774 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

Contact us: or 612-341-1601