About the Event
Equity and Inclusion Forum

  Wednesday, September 28th
  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Networking reception 4:00 - 5:00 pm
  Hamline University, St. Paul Campus

   The Klas Center (campus map)

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We've been hearing from members about the challenges they're facing and the great interest they have
in addressing the structural and organizational barriers to equity and inclusion work.

We're excited to offer this learning opportunity to MACC members and other organizations
interested in advancing their own equity and inclusion efforts.
Challenge Engage Empower
How can we build more equitable and inclusive, people, organizations and communities?
Explore how race, culture, privilege, and bias intersect to impact our work. Hear from a panel of leaders about how they led change at their organizations.
Examine how individual and group
understanding influences our bias and assumptions. Connect with peers at other nonprofit organizations in a dialogue where we'll share perspectives, experiences, and learning.
Acquire the tools and understanding you need
to take action and create tangible progress toward developing equitable and inclusive people, organizations, and communities.
Minnesota is changing. Developing equitable and inclusive
people, organizations and communities will only become more important.
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Sponsored by the Bush Foundation

Special thanks to our event partner Hamline University