Our Featured Speaker
  Monica Hurtado: A Mountaintop Story of Courageous Collaboration
We're all climbing mountains of our own. In our lives, in our work, in our communities. Sometimes the climb gets really hard - and the peak you're struggling toward can seem out of reach. 

It helps to know someone who's been there. Someone who's climbed their own mountain before - and someone who's still climbing! Monica will share one of her own stories of courageous collaboration - a story of an unlikely partnership that turned out to be transformative. 

About Monica:
Monica has been passionate about heath and equity since a young age. An MD with a background in family medicine, she recognizes that health is about so much more than doctors' visits. She's taken her health care practice to the community.

In her role as Racial Justice and Health Equity Organizer with
Voices for Racial Justice she works tirelessly in partnership with communities to improve health outcomes and to create safe vibrant spaces where families, indigenous people, and people of color can grow and thrive.

Monica's Story:
A Case Study in Collaboration: The decennial census isn't the most riveting process in American democracy, but it's what determines representation in government and the dollars that flow into our communities.

It's vital that those who need to be counted the most, marginalized groups who have been historically undercounted and underrepresented, are counted fairly and accurately. Minnesota does great at counting some people - but not all.

For the 2020 census - even with the citizenship question looming large - a group of community leaders, including Monica, wanted to see if that could change.

They formed a co-creators table to engage and work together with their communities to ensure that in 2020 everyone is counted. Period.

If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” (Lila Watson and her group)