Our Trainer
  Karen Ray: Building Dynamic, Results-Oriented Partnerships
It takes courage to talk about things that matter. It takes courage to take on the complex challenges our organizations and communities face. Together we can move from asking "what's wrong" and "how do I fix it" to "what's possible" and "who else cares"!

When you get collaboration right - change happens. Big changes, small changes, great changes. 

About Karen:
Karen Ray knows a thing or two about how to get it right. She literally wrote the book on collaboration. (Well at least a couple of the books). Karen has been helping people and organizations from all across the US build resilient, thriving partnerships for 26 years. She is an authority on building and sustaining collaborative ventures.

The Training:
Karen will guide us through a highly interactive learning experience that will uncover key strategies and tactics for building dynamic, results oriented partnerships. We'll learn:
  1. How to define collaboration: Partnership comes in many forms. Shared definitions ensure everyone's on the same page and has the same expectations.
  2. How to get started: How to know if partnership is what you need, and what to do from the start to make sure you achieve your outcomes.
  3. How to find the right partners: How to find all the right people, how to get them to the table, and how to get them to stay there
  4. How to build trust: How to build strong relationships and manage conflict when it comes up (because it will come up)
  5. How to build for resilience: How to create adaptable, sustainable partnerships that can stay the course when the work bogs down and things get hard.
  6. How to structure partnerships: How to know what kind of structure - and how much - your partnership needs to help you work together successfully.
We'll build up our collective collaboration know-how to strengthen our work as a network and our work with partners in our communities.

"Great change starts with small
conversations among people who care."
Margaret Wheatley