New Strategic Framework

In Spring of 2016 MACC's Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Framework to guide the organization into the future. Key stakeholders worked to uncover and bring together the best of MACC Alliance and the best of MACC Commonwealth to capitalize on our strengths as a merged organization. The result is a living strategic framework with a new mission, visionary proposition, values and a set of strategic focus areas - our pillars of success.

Connecting the dots:

New Senior Leaders

In 2016 MACC welcomed two new senior leaders to our team, Timothy Savaloja Vice President - Financial Services, and Peter Czachor Director, IT Services. The skills and expertise each brings to MACC are exciting and we're glad to have them as part of our team!

Powerful Ways to Leverage Collective Scale for Purchasing Power

One of MACC’s strategic priorities is to find ways to leverage the collective scale of our membership. One tangible way we leverage this scale is in purchasing power. Together MACC members employ more than 2000 people and we know that when we stand together we have a much stronger position in the marketplace.

MACC enables members to act cooperatively when purchasing products and services. This means we can purchase at reduced prices because of the higher volume. We also use our scale to gain access to enterprise level solutions, vendors, tools, and expertise that would be unaffordable if each member worked alone.

There are a number of examples of this collective purchasing power already in place:

 Enterprise level solutions and pricing for IT infrastructure services

Group dental, vision, and life insurance benefits

Volume software licensing for Client Data and Procentive software

The rates we have negotiated on these products and services are substantially lower than members would pay purchasing them individually. That value is passed on to members in the form of cost savings and value-added service.  MACC’s strategic imperative is to continue finding other similar opportunities to leverage our scale through purchasing power in the marketplace.

Connecting the dots:
LEVERAGE COLLECTIVE SCALEMACC will leverage the collective scale of our membership for greater influence in the marketplace and on issues that members care about
New Members Joined MACC

In 2016 MACC welcomed
Women's Advocates, Ignite Afterschool, Hope 4 Youth, and Alexandra House as members!
Member Convenings

CEO Socials, Innovation Dialogues, Service Strategy Roundtables, a Forum on Equity and Inclusion and MACC's Annual Meeting and Celebration.

Connecting the dots:
RELATIONSHIPS & SOCIAL CAPITALMACC will foster relationships and social capital between member organizations to build the trust that makes collaboration possible
Collaborative Programming Meetings

Members met to build and drive forward MACC's collaborative programming initiatives such as the Social Enterprise Development Network, Seamless Connection, and Public Policy.
15 Years of Courageously Creating a New Way of Doing Good

15 Years ago MACC's founders courageously created a new way of doing good.
MACC continues to transform itself and in 2015 evolved
again – merging back into a single organization with a clearer vision and renewed energy. With the merger our identity changed and we needed a new brand, one that told our whole story.

In 2016 we began the challenging but exciting task of building a new brand for MACC. We started by asking members and staff to wrestle with some challenging questions.

Who are we? What makes us unique? Why do we matter?

In July, a group of members and staff dug deep to define our values, our position, our brand – our identity. After months of work and dozens of meetings we arrived at our goal – a brand and visual identity that reflects who we are, where we’ve been, and the potential we see ahead.

The launch of our new brand brings renewed focus on our organizational values. Our strategic framework calls on us to live into our new brand by investing in relationships to build the trust that makes collaboration possible, leveraging our collective scale to create transformational change, strengthening our platform of services, and facilitating collaborative solutions to the challenges we share. 

We’re excited to get to work.

 Connecting the dots:
SUSTAINMACC will maintain the financial strength and organizational capacity to deliver on our pillars of success so that we can sustain our work
User Group Meetings

Staff from member organizations got together to share knowledge and expertise at our Facilities User Group and Client Data Agency Administrator User Group meetings.
Member Locations Upgraded to New IT Infrastructure
Client Data Members

Over the past year and a half MACC’s Client Data service has grown both in size and the quality of the service. In just five years the service has more than tripled growing to 28 members in 2016. 

This year the team’s conscientious approach to service design really took flight enabling the team to implement 6 new databases, co-create a Data Quality Guide with members, co-design a training curriculum with their Agency Administrators, and support cross-member collaborative projects. 

The success of the Client Data team comes from their relentlessly member-centric approach and their ability to capitalize on four key strengths:

A nonprofit mindset – the team's background in nonprofit work gives them unique insight into what members need.

A crucial depth of knowledge – Together the team has implemented 21 new databases. The team constantly works to share learning so they can continue to improve the experience for all members.

A focus on individual members – the team focuses their energy on building relationships with members as individuals to ensure their support is as effective as it can be.

A fluid development approach – members' needs constantly evolve. A traditional development model doesn't fit the reality of members’ work. The team evolved a new service model to allow for continuous database development.

The team isn't sitting still for a second. They're looking ahead to find ways to continuously improve, evolve, and keep collaboration at the core for all members involved in the service.

Connecting the dots:
ADMIN PLATFORMMACC will strengthen our platform of shared administrative services by optimizing the stability, quality and value of these services for participating members
COLLABORATIVE STRATEGIESMACC will facilitate the development of collaborative strategies among our member organizations to help drive greater community impact
Thought Leaders Shared Their Expertise With Members

Outside experts shared their knowledge with members at MACC programming events such as the Equity and Inclusion Forum, Affinity Team meetings, and trainings.

Energy Efficiency Assessments Completed for our Facilities Members
Unique, Diverse, Powerful, MACC Member Organizations

Meet our members!
Affinity Team Meetings

The Affinity Teams help members connect with information that impacts their work. Our Affinity Teams met to share best practices, training, and resources. Together our members define and shape the programming they need - these are networking groups with intentionality.
Attendees at the Equity and Inclusion Forum

The face of Minnesota is changing. In 2016 we engaged members in dialogue about the need to address the structural and organizational barriers to equity and inclusion work in our member organizations. A commitment to equity and inclusion is crucial for organizations to continue to deliver effectively on their missions. Based on input from leaders of our member organizations, MACC launched an initiative to support our members’ efforts to advance equity and inclusion in their work.

We designed a series of learning opportunities for members to gain access to useful tools and also learn from each other and other leaders in the community.

At our biggest learning event, our Equity and Inclusion Forum, over 100 participants from member organizations and community partners engaged in day of powerful conversation and learning to ask and answer crucial questions around equity and inclusion.

These conversations gave participants a unique window into how bias impacts individuals and communities and how we can move beyond our biases and assumptions.  

MACC is excited by the energy and passion our members share for this work and we’re looking forward to continuing to talk about what we can do together!

Connecting the dots:
COLLABORATIVE STRATEGIESMACC will facilitate the development of collaborative strategies among our member organizations to help drive greater community impact
RELATIONSHIPS & SOCIAL CAPITALMACC will foster relationships and social capital between member organizations to build the trust that makes collaboration possible
Member staff attended Affinity Team Meetings

Affinity Teams helped members connect with information that impacts their work. For example members received briefings on Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) from MN Department of Education, received training on dealing with dementia, received a hunger issues briefing from Hunger Solutions, and participated in the University of Minnesota Volunteer Fair to reach and recruit skilled volunteers.
Sets of Monthly Financial Statements Prepared for our Finance Members

In 2016 MACC upgraded the financial accounting software used by our staff and by members. The upgrade means access to new, more powerful tools for our staff and members to use. It also moved us to a cloud based platform providing more stability and flexibility.

Member Government Contracts Managed by our Contracts Team

New Employees Hired and Onboarded for our Human Resources Members

Users in ClientTrack our Client Data database

Member Employees Supported by our Human Resources Team

This year our Human Resources team increased their capacity to provide better customer service by offering pay cards to provide flexible paycheck options for member employees, and bringing check printing in house to be more responsive to special requests.
People Employed by MACC Member Organizations

Job Applications For Member Positions Reviewed and Processed by our Human Resources Team

Hours of Project Work Transforming MACC's IT Service Platform

Technology is increasingly foundational to the work nonprofits do. MACC’s IT Service provides members with a turnkey solution for the technology infrastructure needed to run an organization – from internet service, to cloud email and file sharing, end-user support, and more.

MACC has provided these services since our inception, but over the past 10 years technology has advanced a lot and it was clear that our long-time architecture and vendor partnerships were no longer meeting the needs of our members.

In 2016, in close partnership with our IT members, we undertook a project to develop a completely new model, architecture, and set of vendor partnerships.  Eight months, and more than 4,450 hours of project work later, we have a flexible, cloud-based infrastructure that lets employees work wherever, whenever.  

We brought on board a full-time Director of IT Services to manage these services and provide technology leadership on behalf of our members. We also launched an active cohort of the participating members to help guide the service and find ways to leverage the shared learning of our IT Services members.

We’re excited to explore new and creative new ways to use technology to advance member effectiveness and community impact in 2017. 

Connecting the dots:
COLLECTIVE SCALEMACC will leverage the collective scale of our membership for greater influence in the marketplace and on issues that members care about
, ADMIN PLATFORMMACC will strengthen our platform of shared administrative services by optimizing the stability quality and value of these services for participating members
Clients Tracked in our Behavioral Health Record System Procentive

Clients Tracked in ClientTrack our Client Data Database

This number includes 96,250 unique families that our Client Data member organizations are supporting and tracking so that they can measure the impact of their work and ensure meaningful outcomes for their clients.

Grant from the Northwest Area Foundation to Form a Social Enterprise Development Network

In March of 2016 the Northwest Area Foundation awarded MACC a grant to create a Social Enterprise Development Network (SEDN). Members formed a steering committee to provide governance and help guide the work of the SEDN.  They put in the hard work to design a network to support members that are at all different places in social enterprise development. Starting in 2017 the SEDN will provide tools, training, and expertise for members with just the beginning of an idea, to those with fully-fledged social enterprises who want to take their work to the next level.
In Revenue Collected for our Behavioral Health Billing Members
In Member Payroll Expense Managed
In Operating Expense Managed for our Finance Members
Combined Operating Budget

Together the 47 MACC member organizations employ more than 2000 diverse staff, have a combined annual operating budget of over
$150 million, and serve more than 350,000 individuals each year.

One of MACC’s key goals has been to use this collective scale to help create economic opportunities for the communities our members serve. The question has always been: how? 

In early 2016 MACC members formed a public policy council charged with answering this question. Throughout the year this council worked to develop the principles, goals, and strategies they will use to drive forward their work on public policy advocacy and voter engagement. 

The council created a charter for a Public Policy Network that will use the collective action and voice of our members and the individuals they serve to drive transformative change in our communities.In 2017 the work begins to bring this vision to life. 

Connecting the dots:
LEVERAGE COLLECTIVE SCALEMACC will leverage the collective scale of our membership for greater influence in the marketplace and on issues that members care about
, RELATIONSHIPS & SOCIAL CAPITALMACC will foster relationships and social capital between member organizations to build the trust that makes collaboration possible

The Road Ahead

So what's on the road ahead? In 2017 we'll be:
Focusing on Quality and Accountability in our Shared Services
Member advisory councils for our shared Finance, Human Resources, and IT Services will provide ongoing accountability to and engagement with members. They will empower members to help shape the strategic direction of these services.

Leveraging Member Data to Support Collaborative Solutions
Analyzing and leveraging cross-member operational data in our Human Resources, Finance, and Client Data services will allow us to spot emerging trends, promote best practices, and support collaborative solutions to shared problems.

Realizing the Goals of the Social Enterprise Development Network
The SEDN will provide training and convene learning sessions to enhance knowledge, inspire social enterprise ideas, build social entrepreneurial skills, and share best practices of successful social enterprise with our members.

Building a Public Policy Agenda
The Public Policy network will develop a public policy agenda built in partnership with our members and driven by the voices, stories, and experiences of the communities our members serve. The network will connect members with existing policy coalitions and advocacy efforts and link members to resources to support voter engagement.

Living into our new brand
Launching a new brand is about much more than a fancy new logo. With the launch of our new brand in 2017 comes renewed focus to our organizational values, mission, and vision. Together we’ll define what courageously collaborative looks like in action and bring our new brand to life.

 We’re excited to see what’s in store as we continue our journey in 2017.

Photo Credit to: Jeremy Vessey and Pixel Surplus