From the Journey
  What We Learned Along the Way
A Recap of the Day
Thank you to the more than 80 attendees who were a part of our 2019 Member Summit. 

Thank you for your energy, your insights, your creativity, for your generosity. When we join each other around a table - we can unlock the knowledge within our network and build new relationships.

Each individual brings their own perspectives, experiences, learning, and insights to our shared conversations. 

For a fast recap of our day together - check out our
2019 Summit Harvest summary document. 
  Building Our Human Infrastructure
Mapping Connections In order to be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise in our network - we need to know who is in our network - we need to understand the human infrastructure of our network.

So, we took a page out of social media's
playbook. Attendees filled out social network 'cards' that highlighted what they bring to their network and what they're looking for within their network.

We created space for attendees to have intentional conversations. People used their cards to map out the connections within their network - to get to know each other, to find people they wanted to connect with, to find expertise they could tap into. 

Electronic copies of all the cards were shared back with attendees. If you attended the Summit but you're missing your card -
let us know!
  Connecting Ideas to Real Impact
A Story from the Mountaintop It always helps to hear from someone who's been there. Our featured story teller - Monica Hurtado from Voice for Racial Justice - shared her own story of unlikely partners working to disrupt the status quo. 

Her work with the Co-Creators table to make sure historically undercounted populations are counted in the 2020 Census inspired members (and made us want to know how we can get involved! Check out some of the
resources she shared below!)

Monica's story showed us what it means to put courageous collaboration into action. 

She cautioned us to expect tension, but reminded us that if you
stay grounded in the principles of authentic community engagement you can use that tension to grow together - rather than apart. 

Her story showed us that
focusing on shared work can build trust even among unconventional partners and allow you to get results. 

Lastly - she shared how working together with other passionate people is energizing and revitalizing. The work is hard - but
working authentically with other passionate people can re-energize you and add fuel to your work!
  Gaining the Tools for Partnership
Collaboration Know How "No one does this work alone. There's no way you're going to scale your summit - whatever that summit looks like for you - alone."   Karen Ray

Our expert trainer, Karen Ray, helped us uncover how to build dynamic, results-orientated partnerships. Check out
the resources below for more!

Self-Interest: self-interest is key, it's what gets people to the table and keeps them there. Make sure everyone is clear about their self-interest. What do you want?

Shared Definitions: it's important to be clear about the words you use. There are different levels of partnership. Make sure everyone around the table is clear what kind of partnership you're building. 

Build for Resiliency: partnerships are not permanent, but relationships are. Building relationships is part of the work of partnership. Make sure you're balancing the work - with the work of strengthening your relationships as partners. 

  Network R&D Design
The Conversations We Had In the afternoon attendees dug in to the work of the day.

Members leaned on each other's expertise to develop their ideas for new ways to work together. Our idea lab approach presented a unique opportunity for attendees to step forward and find partners and to be a partner by sharing their unique knowledge and expertise. For a summary document with
all the conversation harvests click here

See what we talked about:

Social enterprise development: How can MACC social enterprises support each other, provide resources, share information, and learn from each other's experiences?
See the conversation harvest.

A Space Marketplace: Some orgs have under-utilized space, some orgs need flexible work space - is there opportunity to flexibly share our space?
See the conversation harvest

Investing in your data culture: What does it look like to invest in a data culture - in skill building, in data storytelling, in leadership buy-in - at your organization?
See the conversation harvest

Advocacy in nonprofits: How can we build knowledge and partnerships within our MACC network to influence policy?
See the conversation harvest.

Reducing unwanted teen pregnancy: How can we empower teens to make educated choices about their sexual health and sexual expression?
See the conversation harvest.

Engaging communities with the Census: How can we increase participation in the 2020 Census to ensure that we don't perpetuate the inequities caused by historically undercounting certain populations.
See the conversation harvest

Health Care partnerships: How can we build effective, equitable partnerships with health care organizations to improve health, meet community needs, and sustainably fund our work?
See the conversation harvest.

Volunteer coordination: How can we connect our communities to our organizations through community volunteerism?
See the conversation harvest.

Increasing workforce diversity: How can we increase the diversity of our workforce in all positions within our nonprofit organizations?
See the conversation harvest.

Relationship building with county partners: How can we build mutually beneficial partnerships with county health and human services agencies that focus on community outcomes?
See the conversation harvest.

Resources from the Journey

Documents, handouts, resources from the day

  Resources shared by our featured story teller Monica Hurtado and our trainer Karen Ray
Principles of Authentic 
Community Engagement

Voices for Racial Justice
Karen Ray Training Slides
Karen Ray Collaboration
The Alliance Continuum
Karen Ray Collaboration
Typology of Alliances
Karen Ray Collaboration
Collaboration Success Factors
Karen Ray Collaboration
Meeting Skills Checklist
Karen Ray Collaboration
Comm & Mobilization Plan
Co-Creator's Table
Census Themes & Messages
Co-Creator's Table
MN Census Mobilization
Partnership facebook
A Member-2-Member Survey
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